Buyers Guide: Viewing Etiquette

Buyers Guide: Viewing Etiquette

In today’s world of easily accessible and affordable technology devoted to security, it is becoming common for sellers to not only monitor who is in their home and when but also to listen to what is being said by those viewing the home. For those reasons, the following is a “Viewing Code of Etiquette” that we encourage you to go over and keep in mind while viewing homes.

As a buyer in someone’s home, you are a guest.

Although the seller’s goal is to sell their home, buyers should give the same respect that they would want while others are in their own homes.

Respect the property.

Buyers are encouraged to open closets, check out pantries, and look at cabinet space. Buyers should refrain however from opening up any dresser drawers. We try to plan for restroom breaks between viewing houses, but should you need to use the facilities in someone’s home, always flush and please clean up.

Watch the kiddos.

We love children! If your children are accompanying you, they need to be supervised and not allowed to wander off. Even the best-behaved kids sometimes get distracted and can wind up in sticky situations! Toys that belong to sellers should be left in place and not played with.

Don’t make many comments about the home while in it—negative or positive.

Positive comments can weaken your negotiating position if the sellers know how much you love the home. Likewise, negative comments can strain negotiations, as people can take those comments very personally. At no time should the seller’s personal belongings, photos of their family, or choice in décor be discussed while in the home.

Viewing homes is exciting and should be fun! Your real estate agent is an expert and will guide you through the process.

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